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Over 30 million at risk of starvation

Communities on the edge of famine

"Whoever relieves the hardship of a believer in this world, Allah will relieve his hardship on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever helps ease someone in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for him in this world and in the Hereafter." (Muslim)

In countries like Malawi, Somalia, Ethiopia and Niger, severe drought and violent conflicts have left over 30 million people on the brink of starvation . Families across South, East and West Africa have lost their crops and their livestock and are travelling hundreds of kilometres from home in search of food and water.

Awema, a young mother living in Mkwanda village, southern Malawi, can no longer feed her young children now that the harvest she relied on has failed. Awema is just one of many mothers who desperately need your help to survive.

Muslim Hands has been working with communities in the worst-hit areas of the continent , delivering education, livelihoods support and healthcare for years. Our teams are on the ground waiting for your donations so they can distribute emergency food and water relief to families on the edge of starvation.

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What's going on?


The southern African nation of Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Heavily reliant on agriculture for their income, Malawi’s communities are particularly vulnerable to natural disasters. In 2015, Malawi experienced severe floods which washed away crops and ruined agricultural land.

This has been followed by two years of severe drought which has left nearly half of Malawi’s population in need of urgent food aid. Harvests have failed, the price of Malawi’s staple foodstuff, maize, has risen by 60% and close to 1 million children are at risk of malnutrition.


Five years on from a devastating drought which killed over 250,000 people, Somalia is still plagued by hunger and malnutrition, violent conflicts and extreme poverty. A lack of rainfall has killed thousands of animals and crops, leaving families destitute and children malnourished.

1.5 million people staying in makeshift camps after feeling conflict and previous disasters are particularly vulnerable to thirst, starvation and the spread of disease.


Despite receiving little media attention, there is no denying that the food crisis in north-eastern Nigeria has reached devastating levels. A staggering 4.5 million people are in need of emergency food supplies and around 244,000 children are already suffering from severe malnutrition.

The fallout from ongoing conflicts and the stranglehold that militant groups have had on the area has left mothers widowed, families homeless and whole communities unable to access basic supplies of food and water.


In the north of the country, the regional government has issued a famine alert. Severe drought has left 54,000 people at risk of starvation and families have resorted to waking at 4am to beg for food and water from passers-by on the roadside.

Families have lost their food source and income as their livestock has died from thirst and many have been forced to travel for miles in search of a bit of food and water.



Show your solidarity with our brothers and sisters struggling across Africa by eating just one meal a day. You can drink as much water as you want and what time you eat is up to you, but meat and large portions are a no-no! Meals must be kept simple to reflect the staple diet of many Africans. A bowl of grains like rice or pasta together with a handful of veg is typical. 

Send pictures of your meal to or on WhatsApp 07552 438 579 or tag us on FB and Twitter and share with us how the challenge has affected you both mentally and physically.

Then, tag three friends that you think are tough enough to take on this challenge, and see which of them can last the longest.

You can also donate what you would have normally spent on food for the duration of the challenge to our Africa on the Edge: Food Crisis Appeal.

Don’t forget to use the #OneMealChallenge hashtag and to share your experience with everyone, including us!

*Please do not attempt this challenge if you are pregnant or have any health concerns without first consulting a doctor.

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